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Welcome to Throwback Arcade Lounge!

We are looking for Omaha's best talent. Please read each job description carefully as we are VERY serious on who jumps on our team. It's not all fun and games - until it's all fun and games.

We are looking for individuals with knowledge in decades of movies, music, and games! From 80s to today, can you recite Madonna as well as quote The Breakfast Club or rock Jelly Shoes and Snap Bracelets?

We want someone whose sarcasm is as fast as their cocktail pours and whose motivation stems from more than just Insta posts. If you think you got what it takes, don't be a spaz and let's play!


Click for more info:

- Bartender

- Cocktail Server

- Bar Back

- Hostess

- Security

- Cook

- DJ 

- Promoter (apply for details)

- Manager (apply for details)

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